I was riding with a guy from Telluride yesterday.

“How's the snow over there?” He asked about the valley where I came from.

Way to much. That's why I'm down here. “Oh, good man. The ski hills are open already,” I said. It's not cool to complain about snow in a place that hardly gets enough water.

But I don't want to stop riding dirt. Fortunately, it's not especially hard to drag out the season with a different climate zone 90 miles away.

I heard about Sidewinder for the first time last week. It's a fairly new piece of trail- cut in four years ago through the Gunnison Gorge.

And it's excelent- just the right mix of rocky and fast. I could haul balls through some sections, and barely cleaned others. It's a 36 mile out and back, and the whole thing would be a big day. I had time to hit 28 miles before the sun went down.

Solid day out there.


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