Sharkin all the Time

We’re living in the Shark full time now.150713_Shark_HR-22So far, this has been about the best idea we’ve had.

150713_Shark_HR-5 150713_Shark_HR-1 150713_Shark_HR-6

The thing definitely took some work. Colleen did most of the painting and nasty glue scraping. I rebuilt the bed, chased down plumbing leaks, ripped out the carpet, fridge, and air conditioner, chased down plumbing leaks again, put in a another roof vent, replaced a gas line, and fiddled with the knobs on the stove.


We bought the thing for three grand, and probably spent another thousand at Lowes.

150713_Shark_HR-23 150713_Shark_HR-10150713_Shark_HR-20

But man, so worth it. Nothing stresses me out more than owning things and being locked into a year long lease. The Shark doesn’t have any space for extra crap (we have about 50 square feet). And for a house, it’s super speedy.

We camp around town during the workweek, then cruise away to do some weekend riding.

150713_Mt. Elbert_HR-10150713_Mt. Elbert_HR-12 150714_Monarch Crest_HR-7The rent at our cabin worked out to $40 a night, which we obviously had to pay even when we weren’t there. Without that expense, we can do more fun stuff and still save some scratch to bike tour in the offseason. It’s a sweet deal. Good middle path living and all that.

So I want to be a writer, and I’ve ended up living in a van down by the river. At least the view’s nice.
150715_Shark_HR-2150713_Shark_HR-34 150713_Shark_HR-27

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