Backcountry Cruising

150609 Thompson Divide-1

150609 Thompson Divide-1-2

After everybody got their underpants in a bunch over the low snowpack in April, a ton of rain in May took things right back to where they should have been. No shortage of water right now, although Matt contaminated everything downstream from this point with his incredibly stinky plastic clothes.

150609 Thompson Divide-2We climbed all day after we left town. By late afternoon my back was pretty worked, and the ankle that I sprained a couple weeks ago was getting tight. Sometimes I wonder if gears would be nice for loaded backcountry cruising.

A couple miles later, we found a campsite that was stocked with split firewood and a sliced up camp chair. The prospect of sitting and burning stuff made it easy to stop.

150609 Thompson Divide-5 150609 Thompson Divide-6150609 Thompson Divide-4The place was infested with beavers.

150609 Thompson Divide-9

Motivated little suckers.
150609 Thompson Divide-14And weeds. Way too many weeds. Somebody needs to get a crew up there with some heavy chemicals to get all those weeds out of the grass. It’s not orderly.

150609 Thompson Divide-22 150609 Thompson Divide-8But beavers and weeds aside, it was a good camp. And like a relaxed rookie, I burnt a giant hole in my sock while I was trying to dry it.

150609 Thompson Divide-24Late start the next morning.

150609 Thompson Divide-7

150609 Thompson Divide-23

There was some important business to attend to:


150609 Thompson Divide-17

Levitating log.

150609 Thompson Divide-16Levitating log splash.

150609 Thompson Divide-19Then we started climbing again.

150609 Thompson Divide-28 150609 Thompson Divide-30The plan was to bushwack a ways to hook up with a descent down another trail, but there’s still some stuff in the way. Maybe in a couple weeks. So we backtracked.

150609 Thompson Divide-33Maxxis Chronicles- way better than the original 29+ tire, but still fairly terrible in wet stuff.
150609 Thompson Divide-29Back into the hot valley.

150609 Thompson Divide-38 150609 Thompson Divide-35 150609 Thompson Divide-37

Colorado, bro. The few months a year that the high country rides, there’s nothing better.150609 Thompson Divide-39

3 thoughts on “Backcountry Cruising

  1. Manly indeed sir! I commend you, especially for that neck of the woods.

    My Krampus is a 1×10 and I still put a 30 up front for the N. GA and NC mountains. My SS 29er is 32×18 but it is mainly an Atlanta street shredder right now.

    Guess that’s why I’m not writing a bike blog. 🙂


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