Buggin Out

This is all coming together a little last minute, but at least it’s coming together. Ski season is just about done.

Snowmass, COEnough of that jazz, time to ride some bikes.

I’m racing the Arizona Trail on the third of next month. 750 miles, chunky desert riding, lots of bike hiking, spiky plants, and probably too much sun.

Then there’s the walk across the Grand Canyon, bike disassembled and packed on my back. I’d really like to think that skiing a bunch is good preparation for carrying an awkward 50 pound load 24 miles, but I know it isn’t. So I’m looking forward to some sore shoulders and shin splints.

And I’m gonna get a little warm up in by touring down to the start:

Arizona TripThe route down there is pretty open ended. I might stick to the track that I have planned out, or I might not. As it’s mapped, it’s mostly dirt but not a lot of singletrack. I’ll get plenty of that on the race back north- and ideally, I’d like to make it to the start of the race without being totally worn out.

Once I make it to Tuscon, I haven’t totally (or at all) figured out how I’m going to get down to the start at the Mexican border. I guess I’ll pedal some more, or try to bum a ride. Nothing like a nice loose set of plans.


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