Tour Divide Gear Stuff

For a typical Tour Divide year, I might have been packed a little heavy. But for the weather this year, I was pretty dead on. I used everything I had, and never wanted anything extra (except for a stove and some coffee in the morning, but there was no time for that, becasue bike race).

All my stuff was carried in an Oveja Negra bag setup- really great, well thought out stuff.

My sleep stuff, all packed in a drybag on the handlebars, was a Tarptent Double Rainbow, Thermarest Prolite pad, and Big Agnes Horsetheif SL.

A full tent was great- especially the first week, when I set up in the rain almost every night. Since I practiced before I left home, I was able to get the tent up, pad inflated, and bag unrolled in about five minutes. That beat the hell out of hunting around for the perfect place to string up a tarp, or suffocating all night in a bivy.

The Big Agnes bag is rated for 35 degrees, and unlike most overly-optimistically rated bags, it’s actually warm at that tempurature. I was able to sleep naked every night and dry out my ass, which helped helped heal my saddle sores.

By the time I was in Wyoming, the rain let up, so I was just using the tent as a ground cloth and sleeping out in the sage brush.

My rain gear was Outdoor Reaserch’s ultralight Helium jacket and pants. The stuff was really swell until it broke- which I really don’t blame OR for. Ultralight stuff isn’t intended for riding 800 miles in the mud.

I wore a giant hole in the seat of the pants by the forth day, and zipper broke on the rain jacket right before I descended a long pass into Basin, Montana at night in the rain. Because all my layers got soaked on the descent, that was one of the three nights I spent inside durring the race.

My other clothes were a wool top, wool tights, a Club Ride button-down, a pair of light polyester baggy shorts, a Mountain Hardwear synthetic bubble goose, two pairs of thick wool socks, and two pairs of wool boxers.

I don’t wear chamois anymore, because I think that having a dirty sponge on my ass all day is nasty. Since I was able to sink wash a pair of underpants everyday, I didn’t have nearly the saddle sore problems that some racers did (some people had some seriously gross stuff going on down there).

I carried a bunch of spare bolts, brake pads, and all that stuff all the way to Fleecer Ridge. After blasting down the ridge like I had somebody to impress, even though there was nobody around for miles (it’s one of the only hard descents on the entire route) I was rewarded for showing off by tearing a big hole in my back tire on some sharp shale at the bottom.

The Stan’s wouldn’t seal the hole, so I plugged it with a Genuine Inovations tubeless tire plug. That little plug held for the next 2,000 miles. I wish I would have know about those things earlier- they would have saved me so many races over the years.

I was so excited about the plug that I hopped back on my bike, and rode away from my bag of tools.

Which later led me to the discovery that A&D ointment works as a chain lube.

My Krampus was solid- I had to replace a bottom bracket in Steamboat, but other than that I didn’t have any mechanicals. I didn’t even go through a set of brake pads on my Shimano XTRs- which might have something to do with braking technique, becasue a lot of people around me on the exact same brakes were blowing through pads like crazy.

The 29+ Knard tires were heavy, and they definitely slowed me down sometimes. I was using the 27tpi wire bead version, becasue the 120tpi tires I bought before the race were messed up- they grew some big tumors in the sidewall when I installed them.

When I rode with Alice, she coasted away from me everywhere. Gradual pavement descents, flats, washboard roads. It didn’t matter. Her Moots on Schwalbe Racing Ralphs just rolled faster.

The Krampus was super comfortable, and I never regretted riding it (it’s my all time favorite bike), but the current tires just aren’t race quality. The casing is too thick and slow rolling for divide racing (touring, I wouldn’t think of using anything other than the Knard though).

I really wish Surly would make the Knard with a folding bead and a 60tpi casing. That way it would roll well, and wouldn’t be super fragile like their current light-weight tire.

Other parts were Jones Loop Bars- I love the sweep, and the loop is a great place to mount a light and dry bag, gearing was 36×22 (works out to about 32x19ish on a bike with shorter 29er tires), and my saddle was a Chromag Trailmaster. Thompson stem and post, Shimano SLX cranks, Industry Nine single speed hub- all stuff that works.


I’ll go onto more detail on this stuff in a later post, but I ran an Exposure Revo light, and charged my iPhone with a Shutter Precision hub and Sinewave USB charger. I couldn’t believe how well these electronics worked.

Even after being constantly submerged, the hub kept on chugging. The Sinewave USB charger was flawless- it put out constant power, even in the rain, as long as my speed was more than six miles per hour. There were a lot of other models of dynamo chargers out there, and a lot of riders having problems with them.

I used the Gaia GPS app on my phone, and it made following the route pretty stress free. I never had a problem with GPS reception, and never had to buy batteries. I also used the phone to play music and take pictures- really slick to be able to do everything with one device.

As a back up, I carried cue sheets and had a cycling computer.

There were times I wished I had some aero bars, but there were more times I wished that I didn’t need aero bars. So overall, I was happy with my setup. It ran real good.

6 thoughts on “Tour Divide Gear Stuff

  1. Phenomenal job on the divide!! Heading out to the Butte to work this winter in a few months. Somehow, I traded bikes for cutting timber, but I just may start riding again. Your pics and writing makes me miss riding. Again, great job!!!

  2. Great info! I’ve been thinking about a series of 60tpi tubeless ready Surly tires as well. I’ve heard that future molds may include tubeless features, but it is too expensive to retrofit. Good to see the new 45NRTH TR tire, at least.

    Were you able to charge the iPhone and run the lights at the same time, without issue? I am using an SP hub with a B&M USB-Werk and Supernova E3 Triple light, and when running both lights and electronics the system chooses to dim the lights at a certain interval, while USB charging remains constant. Unfortunately, I can’t just unplug the device from the charger, but have to disconnect the USB-Werk from the hub, via a threaded connection. The same was true of my last system with Shimano hub, USB-Werk, and E3 Pro.



    1. Hey Nicholas,

      I can run the light and the charger at the same time, but it doesn’t work well- the hub just doesn’t generate enough power. But, all I have to do to switch from lights to charging is to unplug my iPhone, and plug in the Revo. The Sinewave doesn’t draw any power when it’s not plugged in to a device. The light and the Sinewave are actually wired together, so no fiddling with connections at the hub, which is great

      1. Same here, they’re both wired directly to the hub. Because of the on-board cache battery with the USB-Werk, the device demands some power intermittently even when not in use (but wired). To disconnect the USB-Werk I have to unthread the connect to the hub with is only a few inches from the charger on the down tube. The only time I do this is when I really need the full power of the light. A simple switch would make this a lot cleaner, such as the ones sold by K-Lite.

        I’ve been curious about the Sinewave. No built in battery? Which battery are you using, I believe you mentioned one somewhere? The USB-Werk will power my Garmin e-Trex for 20 minutes or more after I stop riding, which is a nice buffer when navigating through a city or on steep climbs that slow riding speed below charging pace.


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