Tour Divide 2014: the start

“Adventure is a mark of incompetence.” – Vilhjalmur Stefansson


After being breifly detained and seached for the devil's lettuce at the border (again), Colleen and I made it to Banff last night. Tomorrow morning I'll start the long ride to Mexico.

A bunch of my family and friends, as well as Wilderness Voyageurs and Aloha Mountain Cyclery have chipped in, completely unsolicited, to make this race possible. I'm super grateful to know such good folks.

Hopefully I've prepared thouroughly enough. Wouldn't be right to waste such a cool opportunity.

Whenever possible, I'll be calling into MTB Cast:

And the race will be live on Track Leaders:

So that'll be all on this thing for a little.

I'm excited to roll down the spine of the West, sun burnt (though not too much thanks to my greasy skin), wind blown, and rained on. I like it out there.

My goals for the race: Ride hard, look around, take notes.

Also, don't sweat the mileage and have an occasional beer.


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