Two Months Out

A little less than two months out from Tour Divide. I'm starting to feel pretty good about the race.

Since leaving Pennsylvania, I've been on my bike a lot. An hour commute in the morning, an hour and a half mountain bike ride at lunch, and an hour commute home. And on days off, a long ride.

Before the snow melted, I pushed a fat bike 24 miles a day back and forth to the cafe where I toasted bagels.

Not too much that's better strength training than that.

I've done a bunch of overnighters, so I'm feel pretty good about all my gear.

I even dragged Colleen along on one. I promised it would be flat.

In my defense, it was slightly less verticle than some things, like a refrigerator door.

More of the logistical things are comming together. I finally have a passport, in which the government made me look flatteringly tan:

Now I can enter the wild and exotic land of Canada, where people speak English with a slightly funnier accent than people in Minnesota.

Some supportive friends have mailed words of encouragement:

“All great adventures have moments that are shit”

It's good to know good people.

2700 miles ahead. All I need to do is eat and pedal. I can't wait.

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