Thompson Divide

I loaded up my Pigsley with camping stuff (in some really nice Oveja Negra bags that I'm testing for the Dirt Rag) rolled out the door, and headed towards the Thompson Divide.

15 miles of dirt and pavement, then onto the snow.

The last week of warm weather and sun melted and baked the snow into a hard crust. Then it refroze, and a dusting of powder fell and made the traction perfect.

Down into the divide rolling on tracks left by a snowcat-atv hybrid monster thing.

I found a good spot to camp in the pines by Thompson Creek, and setup my luxurious camp.

Someone was nice enough to leave a pallet sitting around for me.

So I lit it on fire and had a beer.

By 7:30 I was almost out of firewood, and it was getting close to ten degrees. So I puffed up both of my sleeping bags and crawled under my tarp to pass out.

I woke up before dawn the next morning. 4:00. Dammit. Back to sleep.

Up again a couple hours later. Close enough to sunrise. Packed up, onto the trail, and back up the hill.

And back to Carbondale, where I had breakfast with my tiny girlfriend then went to work smelling like pallet fire smoke.


Not a crazy ride or impressive ride, but it sure was nice to get out for a night.

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