Krampus with suspension

The Krampus is a pretty awesome rigid bike, but I was curious to see how it would do with some suspension. Unfortunately, the three-inch wide Knard wasn’t even close to clearing my Reba RLT Ti.


I’ve read on the interwebs that a Knard will fit in a Fox 34, but I don’t have a Fox 34.

I do have a dremel. A few minutes, a shop full of aluminum dust, and ten millimeters later, I ended up with this:



Which clears the fat tire with a little room to spare:



The modified (hacked to shit) arch looks a little scary, but I’m pretty confident that it’ll be fine. The arch is just there to keep the fork from twisting, and I have a 20mm thru axle and a pretty substantial crown that do the same thing.


I did a quick ride on my rocky lunch loop outside of town, and it worked fine. No rubbing, and it didn’t break. With the huge tires and 120mm of travel, the bike is super stable in rocks.

On really hard terrain, like in the desert, I think it’ll be a pretty rad setup. But all that travel and tire is too much for east cost woods. The fork took all the snap out of the bike, and made it ride more like something with way more travel. Even though it’s still a hardtail, it reminded me of the 150mm travel Stumpjumper that I rode in Sedona this spring.

So for now, I’m putting the rigid fork back on.


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