Dirty Laundry

Fat bike cargo bike

After the crash at the Cheat race, Colleen has spent the past week hobbling around on a knee that doesn’t really bend. And she got some bad poison ivy, which flared up right before the race. It hasn’t been a fun week for either of us, but it’s probably been slightly less fun for her.

Colleen feel bad
Colleen sinks into the Swamps of Sadness.

But her incapacitated state did give me the opportunity to test out the laundry carrying abilities of my fat bike. They’re very good:

Fat bike cargo bike
Hauling 20 pounds of poison ivy covered bras and underpants.

As well as being really comfortable, the Jones Loop bars are great for carrying bulky stuff. The loop that extends out from the grip area is a perfect spot for strap-on items. And the fat tires did a great job dampening the dirty clothes sack’s bounce on the gravel climb up the mountain to Colleen’s parents house.

It’s the first time that I’ve carried laundry a significant distance on a bicycle, which has led me to the conclusion that if you want to have clean clothes, you probably have to own a fat bike.

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