Vulture’s Knob

Fat front fish eye

A few days ago we packed up Colleen’s tiny Scion and left misty old Ohiopyle:Misty Ohiopyle

We had to stop in Ohio for her graduation, but we had a free day before the ceremony. So we rode Vulture’s Knob. It was a beautiful day, and the trails we’re in pretty awesome shape. And it should be the last time I ride in Ohio for a long time, which is even awesomer.Fat front fish eye

Vulture's Knob 1

Vulture's Knob 3

Vulture's Knob Horseshoe Loop

I wanted to practice my moving photo taking skills a little more, but after the second time I stopped to set up the camera, Colleen didn’t seem too pleased. So I left her alone for the rest of the ride.Vulture's Knob 1 Vulture's Knob Clubhouse

Then she got her little certification of smartness, and we left Ohio. Now we’re on the way to Pisgah, North Carolina.Wooster Graduation


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